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Previous Releases

Hello Estella


Released in late 2015, Hello Estella was the 1st single released prior to her 2016 Dream Attempt Tour.  In this single, Leigh West experimented with tribal rhythms and layered vocals (check out the bridge).  Audio-visually, Ms. West wanted this song to feel bass-heavy like a purple ink cloud billowing out on an endless black space with the vocals piercing through as a small blue light in the darkness.  The content of the song is based on both West's love experiences and the character of Estella in Charles Dicken's novel Great Expectations. 



Pumpkin is a quickie song, meaning it was written, recorded, mixed & mastered in under a week.  Leigh West creates "quickies" for season events.  In this case, Pumpkin was written in October to celebrate everything Pumpkin, Halloween, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, etc.  I mean, why aren't there more songs about pumpkins in the world? Pumpkins are fabulous! 

Hello Estella Remix + Tour Footage


Enjoy a collection of tour footage, live shows, backstage banter and traveling-time from Leigh West's 2016 Dream Attempt Tour.  Nobody ever tells you how much time you have to spend driving on tour!  If you have been to a current live show, you will notice how much West's live show has changed since the early days.  It's nice to look back and see where it all began.  The song is a remix of West's first single Hello Estella.  You can download the remix free on itunes or stream it on spotify.





This video features an acoustic early version of Leigh West's song Thunder.  As the story goes, Leigh West may or may not have kidnapped a full grown adult man and drove him to Malibu.  During this long drive, the man relays how his best friend has found the love of his life, how he hasn't known that feeling of love and he will likely never see his friend again since his friend ran away with his love that very night.  Then he cries, possibly because he misses his friend or possibly because he thinks Leigh West is going to kill him after they reach Malibu.  You decide.