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Leigh West

     In a forgotten Texas town, classical pianist turned glitter punk artist, Leigh West encountered a clairvoyant ginger who stated God wanted Ms. West to rock.  This mysterious woman inspired West to pick up the guitar and hit the road to fulfill her destiny.  Ms. West now haunts the earth with Bjork-influenced dance-heavy guitar riffs and Alanis Morissette-type vocals.  Her performance includes life stories like the time she was house-sitting for a friend when a drug dealer crashed a car into the yard and exploded it (in an attempt to dispose of a body) or the time West got lost in the Hollywood hills of LA with a blue Don Cheadle in the backseat who was barely able to contain his chagrine at having been painted blue.   


     Based in Denver, Ms. West is set to have a pivotal year.  She’ll release several singles in early 2018, followed by pop-up events in select cities and her visually stunning Sea Glow Tour in late summer 2018.  On tour, Ms. West will be joined by special guests including rising pop artist Zack Fay as well as local bands in each city.  The aptly titled Sea Glow Tour was inspired by the common lyrical element of water in Ms. West’s new songs.  The Sea Glow Tour is an intimate ocean warehouse-rave-type dance-venting rock concert for the secretly famous.